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Peking Style Fried Tofu

Peking Style Fried Tofu

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40 min

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14 oz of Tofu
2 Eggs
4 tbsp of Grappa
4 tbsp of Flour
1 tbsp of Sesame oil
1 tsp of Chopped chives
1 tsp of Ground fresh ginger
Oil for frying
A pinch of Salt
Soy sauce to taste


1. Cut the tofu into thick slices, coat them with the flour and, then, with the beaten eggs.
2. Fry in the hot oil until each slide becomes golden.
3. Mix the chopped chives, the ground ginger, the Grappa, the sesame oil, and the salt.
4. Pierce the tofu slices with a fork and cook them in the mixture until all the liquid evaporates.
5. Serve hot accompanied by the soy sauce.

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