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Hello it’s me, Grappa

A unique Italian product


Grappa is a spirit distilled from grape skins after wine fermentation. Master distillers follow the whole distillation process. Thanks to their skills, the best essences, aromas and flavors are extracted to obtain a pure and scented drink.
Fun fact: “3 liters of Grappa can be distilled out of at least 100 kilograms of grape skins!”.

Grappa is a unique Italian product and a G.I. Geographical Indication protected through European Regulation NO 110/2008. According to its production regulations, Grappa must be produced 100% within the Italian territory from grapes exclusively growing in Italy.



A u t e n t i c h S p i r i t - E u r o p e a n E s s e n c e -

It is distilled from fermented grape skins of famous Italian wines such as Moscato or Barolo from Piedmont, Brunello from Tuscany and many others, and benefits of the great Italian viticultural variety. The best grape skins become raw material to distill spectacular Grappas, each one recalling the peculiar characteristics of the wine of origin.



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