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How to taste it

Grappa glass

A modern tasting tool that inspired Italian designers and grappa experts and producers

Special Grappa glasses were developed to maximize enjoyment of this national Italian drink.
Why a tasting tool:

  • To identify immediately Grappa enriching the joy of consumption.
  • To be suitable for consumption tasting and sensory analysis of Grappa (whether it is the case)
  • To be in line with the design that distinguish the made in Italy.

The right glass for perfect grappa indulgence.
A large number of Grappa glasses complete in shape and function are currently available on the market and, among these, there are plentiful of variations.
Once upon a time glasses were made of wood, metal, gold, silver or other materials. Nowadays glasses are exclusively made of glass or crystal: resistant but also fragile. Transparency allows to appreciate clarity, hue, and color intensity of the liquid.
The classic ideal grappa glass has a long stem and is very narrow. It is slightly bulbous at the bottom, narrowing in the middle and opening out again at the rim. This encourages the aromas to develop and guarantees first-class enjoyment. Bowl-shaped grappa glasses are also available and especially used for aged Grappa.


Classic Glasses

The function of Grappa glass

  • To enhance aromas, the clarity and organoleptic characteristics.
  • To allow easiness and effectiveness of liquid rotation.
  • Correct ratio between liquid and vapors.
  • Right concentration of vapors conveying to the nose.
  • Right amount of liquid to be sipped.
  • Adaptability to the lips.

In each glass it is possible to distinguish four parts: the base or foot, the stem, the body or chalice divided between bottom and head space.

The foot is the element that gives stability to the glass, both when it is resting and when it is held in the hand it also helps twirling to develop vapors.
The stem is the element that connects the body to the foot of the glass. Its length and thickness contribute to stability and it is perfect for handling the glass without altering the temperature of Grappa.
The body determines the aesthetics but also the quantity of liquid that can be contained, the diameter of the glass and the filling level must not be neglected.
The head space, allows to contain or release the scents of Grappa by favoring the support of the lip.

Filling a glass correctly

For ultimate grappa enjoyment, only fill the glass a quarter full – that’s about ¾ oz or about 2 cl, depending on the Grappa glass and shape. After pouring, it is advisable to wait for ten to fifteen minutes to give the aroma enough time to develop. Keep your nose over the rim just few seconds to enjoy developed aromas and to avoid alcohol vapors exhausting your sense of smell.

The right amount makes all the difference.
Its small capacity makes our grappa glass the ideal vessel to get the best out of every drop. Its transparency makes the only visible “color” of Grappa.

The correct level in the different glasses:
Little Chalice
Small Tulip
Riedel glass
My favorite Temperature

It is preferable to drink Grappa at room temperature. But ideal serving temperature is 47-48°F if young and 61-62°F if aged.

Visual inspection

Grappa is crystal clear. The color is an indicator of its age: a young Grappa is always colorless shimmering and perfectly transparent, whereas an aged Grappa appears light yellow. The longer the ageing, the more intense the color up to amber tones.

Nose profile

Grappa’s scent is best enjoyed by lightly inhaling it, allowing all aromas to be perceived without being covered by the warm alcohol halo.

Tasting profile

Grappa should be sipped slowly, allowing it to flow on the tongue and linger on the palate for a few seconds. Prime quality Grappa has a clean, neat and balanced taste.

Best pairings

Dark chocolate and dry fruits feature amongst the most classic pairings, salty snacks, dessert cheeses can also fit well with Grappa. It is ideal as a post-prandial sipper.

How to store and how to serve Grappa

Grappa bottles should be stored upright, particularly those with cork stoppers to avoid cork degradation. Bottles should be kept out of direct sunlight and heat, preferably at 59 °F or 15°C. Once open reseals between serves and be aware that clear spirits gradually lose subtle aromas…

Proper maintenance for grappa glasses

After enjoyed a drink of Grappa, rinse glasses with warm water and stand them upside down on a fresh dishcloth to drain. Simple and pleasant!

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