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Grappa and orange infused olives

Grappa and orange infused olives

< class="qodef-m-title" style="color: #de5b29"> Serves


< class="qodef-m-title" style="color: #de5b29"> Time

3 ½ hr

< class="qodef-m-title" style="color: #de5b29"> Difficulty



1 Orange
9 oz of black and green olives
1 tbsp of Grappa
2 tbsp of EVO Oil
1 tsp of Orange zest
1 tsp of Cumin seeds


1. Peel the orange and its wedges, then put them into a bowl with the pitted olives and the Grappa and stir.
2. In a frying pan, heat the EVO Oil with the orange zest and the cumin seeds for two or three minutes, then add this mixture to the olives.
3. Let the olives marinate for about 3 hours before serving as an appetizer.

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