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Grappa Expert Scott Rosenbaum Presents Eleven Master Distillers Of Grappa

Learn What’s New and How To Enjoy The Iconic Spirit

On Tuesday, June 21 from 1-3PM, Scott Rosenbaum – spirits strategist and Grappa expert -brought the 2022 edition of Hello Grappa to Eataly Flatiron along with eleven leading artisan Grappa producers for New Yorkers to learn and enjoy. The event satisfied taste buds and feed curiosity.

Here in the US, chances are you have sipped Grappa after a long meal at an Italian restaurant and were intrigued. Scott Rosenbaum expanded your knowledge on its versatility, how to recognize each variety, and expounded upon how Grappa is holding up in the US market. Attendees were be the first in the US to try and learn how to make the Ve.N.To, a blend of spirit, honey, and chamomile; the first-ever Grappa cocktail to make it onto the IBA’s (International Bartender Association) cocktail list.

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