Founded in 1946, the National Association of Ethanol and Spirits Producers (AssoDistil) today represents over 95% of the Italian production of spirits and ethyl alcohol from agricultural raw materials.

AssoDistil’s general scope is to promote and protect the interests of the associated companies as well as the whole category.

Its objectives are the following:

  • Protecting the legitimate interests of the associate members;
  • Representing the whole sector in relationship with Institutions as well as either national or international Administrations;
  • Keeping relationship with other Association of producers at national and international level for promoting and protecting the sector’s interests;
  • Proposing regulations that meet the needs and expectations of the spirits producers industry;
  • To process data and statistics of the distilling industry;
  • Developing the trade union policies of the sector within the collective labour agreement;
  • Providing information to members on all matters of interest to the distilling industry;
  • Ensuring specialized assistance in the following fields: economic, regulatory, legal, environmental, tax, customs and trade union.

AssoDistil’s effective members have to be companies with registered office and fiscal warehouses in Italy, which produce and/or market ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin and spirits as well as products and byproducts deriving from their productions.

Production consortia of goods and/or services composed by companies with the above-mentioned characteristics as well as craft companies and cooperatives can join the association.

Other companies running businesses with elements of complementarity and/or economic connection with the business community represented can join the association as aggregate members. The Governing Council shall lay the procedures for participation of aggregate members. In any case, the number of associate members must not distort the Association’s representativeness. Moreover, companies that meet the requirements to be effective members cannot be aggregate members.

All members are enrolled in the Register of Companies of the Association, which officially certifies the company’s affiliation to the system.

AssoDistil’s institutional bodies are the following:

The General Assembly, the Governing Council, the Board of Presidents and the Board of Auditors.

There are also 6 Sections on the basis of the raw material from which alcohol derives:

  1. Alcohol from molasses, fruits, potatoes or other starchy products;
  2. Alcohol from wine or wine products;
  3. Spirits National Committee;
  4. Natural tartaric acid;
  5. Biomass and biogas production;
  6. Bioethanol section.